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Dr Sherwood in a blue hat and burgundy rain jacket smiles in the forest, among the trees.

Dr. Arthur Sherwood

David Cole Professor of Entrepreneurship/Director, WWU’s Entrepreneurship & Innovation Programs

Dr. Arthur Sherwood is the David Cole Professor of Entrepreneurship and Founding Director of Western Washington University’s Entrepreneurship & Innovation Academic Programs. As the Cole Professor, he also leads The Entrepreneur-Innovator-Changemaker’s’ Story Projects, a university-wide scholarly initiative that involves academic research, practical application and curricular innovations.The project unites his fascination and love of human flourishing, cross-cultural storytelling, the natural world and of course, entrepreneurship, innovation and changemaking.

Dr. Sherwood is active in the local and global E&I ecosystem as a board member of Recreation Northwest in Bellingham Washington, USA and as an affiliated faculty team member for the Centre for Executive Education at the United Nations Established University for Peace in Costa Rica where he supports and coaches social innovators, entrepreneurs and leaders from around the world. He has served as a WWU Community Engagement as well as Sustainability Fellow and is an affiliated faculty member with the WWU Institute for Energy Studies and the Ostrom Workshop at Indiana University. He is an experienced entrepreneur and certified executive coach who is co-founder of Reimagine by Design, LLC and member-owner of Columinate, a cooperatively owned consulting business.

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Meg wears a black top. She smiles directly at the camera with her flowing long hair and bright red lipstick.

Meg Weber

Director of Community Engagement

Dr. Meg is a holistic entrepreneur developer and a certified coach, specializing in supporting students and fostering community growth through peer-based encouragement and support. Her expertise extends into business counseling, coaching, technology, and conducting impactful research on impostorism, making her a versatile and empathetic figure in academic and entrepreneurial circles.
In her role, Dr. Meg champions the development of students and her broader mission to empower entrepreneurs to overcome challenges, including those related to impostor syndrome, through practical, research-backed strategies.
Her leadership extends to serving as the Chair Elect on the board of the US Association for Small Business and Entrepreneurship (USASBE) Minority and Women’s Special Interest Group (SIG), where she works to create inclusive and supportive environments for budding entrepreneurs from diverse backgrounds. Additionally, as President of the Technology Alliance Group, Dr. Meg focuses on building communities that celebrate diversity, creativity, and innovation.
Dr. Meg's research on impostorism is particularly relevant to students and community members grappling with feelings of self-doubt and perceived fraudulence. By integrating her findings into coaching and mentorship, she offers tailored guidance that addresses these challenges head-on, fostering a culture of belonging, courage, and resilience.

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